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Welcome to the MedStar Health private web site.

You need to sign on using your assigned Internet ID and Password. For more information about which password this is see the “More Information” Tab.

For additional information about appropriate use of this site see the “Privacy Considerations” Tab.



More Information

About Your Password. If you were assigned an ID and password to use TeamPort, then that is the correct values to use. If you have access because you are a Lotus Notes Mail user, you may have two different passwords. If you already access your Notes Mail over the web using Inotes or WebMail or have accessed StarPort then the ID and password you use for that are the ones you use for TeamPort.

If you have only accessed your mail via the Notes desktop client, then your password may be different (The desktop client never asks for an ID, just a password.) If this is the case, the ID to use is either the four character ID issued to you (your initials plus a number) or your first name middle initial and last name without periods, or your first name and last name without periods. For instance Fred B Star could use either FBS9 or Fred B Star . For a password, try your Notes password. If that does not work, then go to the MedStar Address Book on the Notes Desktop to find and edit your Person entry. The field called Internet password is the one to change. (It is encrypted in the record so all you can do is change it, not read it) This will not change your regular Notes password. But it is a good idea to change this password to match your regular Notes password. If you make a change, it can take up to two hours for the new password to go into effect.

As an alternative to changing the password yourself, you can call the help desk at 410-933-4357 who can change the password for you.

About TeamPort. TeamPort is a web based product developed by IBM/Lotus under the trade name 'QuickPlace'. To view a tutorial about Quickplace, go to the following url:

Privacy Considerations

TeamPort operates behind and outside the MedStar firewall. Communication to TeamPort is reasonably well protected through the use of passwords and encryption.

Since TeamPort is interactive, you will have the opportunity to post information to your site. However, because it operates outside the firewall, discretion should be used as to what you post. Specifically: